Increase power and torque by up to 20%
with Plug & Play Rapid modules.

Did you know that an electronic heart inside your car holds the secret of optimizing torque and power?

Migliora le prestazioni del tuo motore con Rapid!

Rapid has developed a range of add-on modules that act on the parameters of your engine by amplifying torque and power for a unique driving experience. Rapid additional control units are designed to optimize the use of your engine resources without compromising efficiency: better performance with less environmental impact.
Even if your car already has a powerful standard engine, thanks to the optimization of the engine made by the Rapid additional control units you can use the reserves to release all the extra energy.
Buckle up and enjoy the new performance of your car.

Pure energy with low environmental impact
With Rapid you can save on consumption and make a 'sustainable' choice.

Customize your driving experience!
Three perfect solutions to improve the performance of your car.

Which Rapid is right for you?

Choose from LPE and TPM engine add-on modules and Rapid FR pedal add-on module
to take your vehicle and driving pleasure to the next level.

Two year warranty

on all products

Right of withdrawal

up to 14 days after purchase

Free shipping

all over Italy